How to add voices together?

This i probably a FAQ but searching I did not stumble over the answer.

I have a lot of bars, similar to the upper staff in the picture below, with two voices, I suppose. Is there an easy way to combine them into one voice, so they look like the lower staff?

Skärmavbild 2023-06-19 kl. 14.00.24

Select the notes and put them in the same voice.

right click > Voices > Change Voices

That would be this :

You can also select the downstem notes (and you can use select all or select more for that then Filter>Downstem notes) and press V (which basically will put the selected notes in the next available voice for that staff (so if there’s only one upstem voice and one downstem voice already created, pressing V once will solve your issue).
Note that I have never talked about Shift+V (which would create a new voice to the already existing voices and would add some mess to your score here :wink: )

Thank you very much for the fast hand helpful reply.