How to address indexed string?

Hi experts,
I’m a LUA-newbee and can’t found an answer. I have a “indexed string” parameter like this:

defineParameter(Name, nil, 1, {“String1”, “String2”, “String3”}, function() callbackName() end)

Is it possible to change strings at runtime? If so, how? I found the “getDisplayString” but there is no “setDisplayString”.

Thanks for your help!

Define the parameter again with new strings.

It should work as long as you use the same parameter name. You cannot change the parameter type. So if it was a string parameter you cannot redefine it to a numeric parameter. But what you want to do should work. Don’t forget the callback.

OK, this way works.

Put the new strings in an array and redefine the parameter:

defineParameter(Name, nil, 1, StringArray, function() callbackName() end)