How to adjust channel and send volume proportionally/simultaneously?

If I bring a level of a vocal track the send/fx volume remains the same. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it always worked that way (weird that I just noticed it after 2 years working with Cubase) but I wonder if it’s possible to change it.

All my sends are pre fader. If I bring down the channel sound all the way down to infiniti I’m still hearing the sends at precisely the same (loud) level. Is there a way to route them so when I adjust volume of the channel a proportional amount of sound is sent to the fx channels?

Post fader sends?

FX sends are post by default

That is normal as your send are pre fader, the fader has no effect on the send level. You should change it to post fader so the fader controls the send level.

Which is which? Cubase doesn’t say.

Mine are all green (vs dark blue). Is it pre-fader?

I just changed all to dark blue and now it works correctly.

Also, are post fader sends also post-plugins?

Cubase does say - look into your preferences!

Yes, inserts are included in both pre fader and post fader sends. The only thing that might not be are any post fader inserts but I’ll have to test that.

Ok, I looked at the colors and the green are post-fader.

Which makes this behavior even more puzzling.

Create a VCA track?

Also won´t change anything, as long as the send is not postfader.