how to adjust click level with control room disabled?

how to adjust click level with control room disabled?
can’t find it :blush:

File Menu Transport–>Metronome Setup.

i know about this, but its a general setup. should be fader or other access to quick adjusting click volume !

It is available as a Generic Remote option if you have a spare MIDI Fader/Knob around.

Also On/Off.

I have it on a push/turn knob on my X-Touch Compact.


mmm… its strange that there is no simple click volume control when CR is disabled !!
i was sure there is one, and that somehow i missed it :unamused:
thanks anyway

Set up a key command to call the Metronome Setup page. That is going to be the fastest way without using the Control Room or Generic Remote possibilities.

Hi Mozio,
You got me thinking so I think I figured out a traditional way to create your click.
First, you need to own some VST Drums of some sort.
Create an Instrument Track with your VST Drums.
Go into Metronome Setup and turn off “Activate Audio Click” and turn on “Activate MIDI Click”
In the drop down menu select your VST Drums and then enter the values of the notes you want to use. Kick for Hi and Snare for Lo as an example (A3,B4,F5, whatever the assignments are in your VST Instrument)…
Now when you are using the metronome it will come out of the instrument track fader and you can control and assign it to anything you like. HTH.