How to adjust Grace note playback length?

Can I adjust the playback length of unslashed grace notes?

I’d like quaver grace notes to play as, well, quavers, but they seem to take half the entire following note length – e.g. they last a semibreve on a breve.
On dotted notes, they take 2/3rds of the following note, when 1/3rd would be preferable, if ratios are the thing.

I’ve set “Fraction of quarter note at 120bpm” to 1/12, and “Maximum length of unslashed grace notes to play back” to the shortest value, but that doesn’t alter anything. The former does work for slashed, but not unslashed.

I don’t think there is an automatic way to do this, but it’s easy to tweak individual grace notes.

If you switch on the “playback end offset” property for the grace note (with its default value of 0) the grace note will play back with its written duration, and the main note will also start at the correct time.

I’ll add another “vote” for an option for 1/3 not 2/3 for appoggiaturas on dotted notes, however many contemporary authorities can be quoted supporting the “2/3 rule”.

If you want to adjust the playback to some other length, there are 480 “ticks” per quarter note in Dorico. If you can’t get something to sound right but you can’t “hear” exactly what is wrong with it, the piano roll in Play mode shows you when the notes are actually being played, which can help.