How to adjust insert effect levels

Can anyone advise me how to turn down the individual levels on insert effects like the channel strip? The incoming signal is too much causing the compressor to engage even with the threshold at 0.


Hi @aaronjohnstarbuck,

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While this is not the direct answer to your question, I have the feeling the following tutorial might be of help for you:

How To Use Channel Strip In Cubasis 3 created by MobileMusicPro

Hope that helps!

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Hi Lars,

Thanks is for reaching out. I saw that video,but it sadly didn’t help

Tha is for the suggestion though .

@aaronjohnstarbuck have you tried inserting a plug-in with a gain control before the compressor?

The built-in channel strip, Waves channel strip and many others enable you to adjust the signal level that will then be fed to the next plug-in in the insert chain.

Hi, I can’t find a gain plugin and even if I use a normal compressor with the output turned down the channel strip compressor is still triggering.

Have you purchased the in-app Waves Audio Track plug-in? 6144 equalizer from DDMF?

Both have gain controls. Neither is very costly.