How to adjust margin of the last system in a piano score

I have a final system that I would like to widen by maybe an inch. The music is too condensed. I can’t find the fix anywhere. Thanks.

If you have Pro, you can manually move the final system using Note Spacing. Or in Layout Options—Note Spacing, you can increase the value from 4 to perhaps 4 3/8.

If you don’t want it to fill the width of the page, you can use the note spacing tool in Engrave mode, and move the large square handle at the end of the system.

I tried the moving the large square at the end of the system, but it’s stuck, so I presume there is something holding it in place. Dan, can I adjust the note spacing for that system only? I’m up to 80+ pages in the project and I don’t want to re-format what is already finished.

I am 99% sure that the square is not stuck; you have to use Alt-Left/Right (add Ctrl/Cmd for bigger distances). You cannot drag this with a mouse.

Bravo and vielen Dank! I appreciate it.