How to adjust monitor volume on a audio track

Here’s the situation…
Recording vocals with nice strong input signal.
Vocalist want’s to hear less of his voice.
How to I lower the monitor for the vocal track while maintaining good input for recording?

The solution is to use the CONTROL ROOM Feature.

you can set up cue-mixes and route them to separate Outputs.

Of course your Interface has to provide more than 2 Outputs.

Cheers, Ernst

Plus another hint:

Your comment about “nice Input Level” - please be Aware that you can control the Input Level via your Interface (maybe) AND with the input-channels (if you own cubase and not only elements). The channel fader on the actual cubase track does not influence the Level the Audio Signal is printed to for that channel. It only affects the playback of the channel. In effect that means you may lower the Level on the channel to whatever you want to “hear” and can Change that of course later during mixing.

Also be Aware that your channel meters can Show Levels PRE and POST (fader, panner). Selectable via mouseclick.

Cheers, Ernst

the simplest thing for this kind of tracking is to add 2 audio tracks with same routing and settings, the first one for example named"voc monitor" is for monitoring only(only monitor button is activated rec button not )
the other one is for the actual recording ’ which only armed with recording and no monitoring trough it.
now you can set the input level as you wish and set the"voc monitor" track volume and actual recording/playback track level freely for performance balance