How to adjust volume of individual percussion kit instruments

First project is revising an old Sibelius big band chart. Import went fine to within correctable anomalies I think. Fairly far down the path. Now addressing rhythm section issues … Good news is that I hear reasonable kit sounds where written, i.e. kick/snare/high hat/etc , but I can’t find the controls to adjust their relative volume? Do I need to get down to the Midi CC level in play mode automation to address this? If so please point me to the documentation.

I am also interested in the answer to this. You cannot adjust velocities in Dorico yet. My preferred solution would be to run the kit into Addictive Drums. That actually works, but the vendor is not supplying VST3 for any of their products. I get a light clicking sound on the drum track. But the nice thing about AD2 is that you can precisely control every kit piece within AD2, including reverb, panning, compression and many other things. We need everybody to get on board with VST3.

Maybe somebody else knows of a VST3-capable drumset VSTi that has a built-in mixer for the kit pieces.

I have only this evening discovered how to set percussion maps, so it it possible there was something amiss there causing the clicking.

I was able to get Dorico to work with AD2 (although not all notes from the Full Kit are mapped). See if it works for you (after stripping the .zip suffix off the Dorico file).
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Another solution is to place dynamics on the specific notes and then hide them in the properties window below…

Yes. I created a project and added the basic set. I changed the synth to AD2. I used the Dorico synth settings to change the percussion map to GM, and set the mapping inside AD2 to GM, then selected my kit in AD2. All of the kit pieces in the basic kit are coming through just fine. I didn’t try the full set.

I am not hearing any of the clicking I referred to before, so that must have been some other issue. Seems to work great.

I guess somebody needs to do a percussion map that maps to the native AD2 MIDI assignments.

Good to know this works. AD2 is a great package, and with that, you really wouldn’t need any more functionality out of Dorico (mixing individual kit pieces.) For anybody who works with drum kits regularly, this is a very good solution at an affordable price. If you are doing any kind of pop charts, realistic drum sounds go a long way to making the entire playback sound realistic.

We do need to be able to control swing on playback. And it would be nice to be able to drag beat loops into Dorico. That’s a big part of AD2 – loads of MIDI beat patterns and the ability to contour those beat patterns within AD2 before sending them out to a DAW.

For those who might be considering this, I haven’t bought it recently. Here’s a link:

For $150, I think that gives you the full plug-in plus 3 different drum kits. They have about 15 different kit packages for every possible genre, and those are purchased separately. Don’t take my word for what is in the package. The listing is a little confusing, but it looks like this includes the Fairfax Vol. 1, Fairfax Vol. 2, and Black Velvet kits. I don’t see that it includes any MIDI loops, which are also sold as separate packs. Audio Deluxe and others often have this stuff on deep discount.