How to align crescendo and dcrescendo lines

I have two bars with a crescendo and a decrescendo line. I would like to habe these lines aligned. The attachments show how it looks in Dorico and in Sibelius. I want it of course like Sibelius makes it automatically. Can Dorico this too? Or do I have to adjust the lines manually?

Please search the forum before you post.

I’ll do if somebody tells me what to enter in the search box. Unfortunately ma english and my knowledge of english musical terminology is not good enough.

But now I found it and it doesn’t help. I want the dynamic signs in a stave to be aligned, as Sibelius does it automatically. I don’t want a group of connected crescendo- and decrescendo lines as shown in attachment 1. (They are aligned here abut not on the right place, and the »mf« at the beginning is not aligned to them. I want what is shown in attachment 2, but horizontally aligned. This is default in Sibelius and in all the scores I know. The question is: is this possible with Dorico?


The search I did yesterday was for:

align dynamics

OK. And the result doesn’t help. And now?

Did you actually click the link I posted yesterday? It describes precisely what you need to do, namely grouping dynamics.

AND I found it by searching for
align dynamics!

Yes. I clicked it. But I don’t want to group the dynamics. I want to align them horizontally. If I group them they meet in the middle, but this is not what I want.

Dear Auerbach,

You seem to be mixing “grouping dynamics” and “linking dynamics”. The first one aligns horizontally them as you wish, the last one aligns the vertically (different staves involved). You can really trust Pianoleo’s advices, he is one of the best here !

Grouping items implies they act as one unit but don’t have to each be aligned horizontally.
They move as a unit maintaining their current x/y relation to each other. That’s how it works in InDesign.
And in InDesign aligning items can be done without making them a group. And they can be aligned vertically or horizontally. But still can be moved independently unless you then group them.

Since I use InDesign I find Dorico somewhat confusing in this respect.

In the future we plan to provide tools in Engrave mode for aligning things without grouping them.

May be. What does this mean?

May be. But his advice was a search which doesn’t provide an answer to my question. So what can I do?

Once more my question: I want the dynamics aligned (not only the two but all in a line, but for the moment it is enough to have just the two aligned). Not grouped. The question is if Dorico can align the dynamics automatically or if I have to adjust them manually.

Auerbach, Dorico aligns dynamics that are grouped. These two things go together, and that’s what grouping is for (among other things).
Aligning without grouping is not how Dorico works.

I’m posting this link (to the relevant page of the manual) because now that there is a manual there’s absolutely no reason for rehashing these same old questions.

Auerbach, it doesn’t get simpler than Estigy’s response, immediately above this one.

I understand. This means: When I want to get the hairpins aligned, the must meet in the middle. If they don’t meet, they are not aligned. If this is the way Dorico makes this, it is a bad way. Normally the dynamics in a line are aligned and this for good reasons. This is normal for Sibelius and even for Capella. OK. It’s my fault. I could stay with Sibelius.

No, they don’t have to meet in the middle. Enter them separately and then right click and group them.

Dear Auerbach,

Please understand that the people here that have been trying to help you are simple Dorico users. We know there’s a learning curve, so we are glad to give some information to help new users understand how beautiful is Dorico. I really do not appreciate the tone of your previous post, especially knowing you are wrong in your assessment, and mainly because you did not dare follow the simple instructions we gave you, or watched some very instructive videos from the YouTube Dorico channel.
I sincerely hope you will take this into account when you come and ask for something here.

For a minute I really thought I was being dense and suggesting something that’s not possible, because you’ve been quite so ardent about it not working for you.
I have to admit, I often comment on threads here from a mobile device, or my dongle’s plugged into the wrong computer and I can’t be bothered to actually try something out.

So look, it works. It just works. Just follow the instructions that goodness knows how many users have posted above.


Hey, Pianoleo, I like the idea of the key command for Group Dynamics ! I take it :slight_smile:

It’s what I had set for “align in a row” in the other program. Seems to make sense, somehow…

it would be nice if we can select all and then filter the dynamics and align it all at once