How to align synth controller values with a device panel

Hi All,

Can somebody here please help burst my bubble or tell me how to send or receive multiple controller statusses from a device panel.

In short, i have built a device panel that controls virtually all Studiologic Sledge (Blofeld with HW controllers) functions via Midi CC parameters. I can also store the device panel knobsettings within cubase via the snapshot function.

However in any scenario the knobs and sliders on the device panel will not correspond to the actual synth parameters unless i have moved them all once, either on the synth or on the panel.
Thus, calling up a fresh device panel via cubase and playing midi notes, plays the actual settings of the synth rather then the settings that i see on the panel.

I am now starting the doubt if it is actually possible to align the contoller settings between the device panel and the synth via a device panel button function via one message.

The end goal should be twofold:

  1. A re-called snapshot from the device panel should set all synth parameters to those settings (perhaps after a device panel button press)
  2. And vice versa: a possibility to set the device template controller settings accorrding to the selected sound settings on the synth
    Regarding point 2 -From the hardware menu of the Sledge Synth, I can dump the “sound” via sysex to cubase and actually record it on the midi track linked to that device panel. I cannot however get the controllers on the device panel to responsd to this data (sysex filtering is turned off).

Any help much appreciated - either to let go spending hours on something not even possible or to point me in the right direction. :open_mouth: