How to align text?

In the picture below, I have had to create the fermatas across the bar as text (because they need to be independent). Is there a way to align all the text? E.g. horizontally here across a line? Similarly (not shown) I would sometimes like to align text vertically across staves. I assume the process is similar, once I know what it is…?

I’m afraid at the moment there aren’t any automatic alignment features for text (or indeed much of anything aside from dynamics). The best way I can think of, which isn’t ideal by any means, is to select the text items you want to align, deactivate the Avoids collisions property so that they all appear at their default vertical position relative to the staff, then adjust their Offset Y property to the same value.

Ack - yes not the most comfortable way to do this but hopefully won’t need it that often. Could be a (very low priority) future request. I do prefer to make things tidy this way at the end if possible! Thanks so much Daniel. To you and the whole team. Loving it!

If you create your “local” fermatas as custom playing techniques, and set their duration lines to “none” (on the Continuation tab in that dialog), you could then group them together which would align them without showing transition lines between them.


I would adjust one of the fermatas by eye then copy it where needed via alt/click. Does that work?

perhaps if done as the very final step, but I can’t do that with all text and things throughout the score :sweat_smile:

before I dive into this - does this still give me control over how to move the fermatas around over the top of the note(s) or will they then all be grouped some specific distance from each other [along the horizontal plane]

Let me quote myself from that second link –

In Engrave mode, you can move each playing technique and continuation line within a group individually. Playing techniques in groups are attached to continuation lines, meaning that if you move a playing technique, any adjacent continuation lines automatically move with it. Groups of playing techniques have a handle at the start of the group, which controls the vertical position of the whole group.

They’re automatically aligned vertically (ie in a neat horizontal row) but if you really wanted you could move each one.