How to allign one-time instruments to a MIDI file?

Hello there, i have been working with exporting sounds from games for a while now, eventually stumbling upon old midis that would usually be played within the game itself, of course since this is only a midi, it has all of the instruments in a seperate .wav file(s)

For example, the midi has lots of instruments it should be actually playing from one of those wavs, so if we take the guitar string for example, it only has a variety of it that plays once, but is extended in the midi itself and or plays at the correct pitch by the midi, unfortunately i have no clue how to add all these instruments to said midi whatsoever, tried many different programs to no avail… only thing i can find is to play said midi with a keyboard which i do not have.

Overall perhaps there is some otherway to make the midi play all these single instruments? I would really appreciate any type of help!

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question very well. But…

MIDI is just data, no sound. You have to route the MIDI signal to any instrument, to get the sound. In Cubase, you can use internal virtual instruments, like HALion Sonic SE2, for example.

Does it answer your question?

Older games used to use the Roland sound canvas for playing midi.
Some used the Windows GM player, that also uses the Roland sound canvas.
Halion Sonic SE has a GM (General Midi) patch, that has the correct instruments, but sounds different as it uses different samples.
Best bet would be setting the MS midi player to an internal soundcard and feeding the audio back into your Main ASIO soundcard with a cable. Play back the midi in Cubase set output of the midi track to the MS GM midi, and then record the audio in Cubase on an audio track. Depending on your soundcard and if it is multiclient capable it might not be necessary to use the internal soundcard at all, but you might have to use some loopback feature to get the sound back into Cubase. Hope that gives you some ideas to solve your problem.

Cheers, i will look into this, thank you so much for your help Peakae!