How to alternate between bass and treble clef in a split system and using polyphonic voicing

Hello. I am trying to score a piece using a staff with polyphonic voicing but to sometimes have the treble clef in the lower system like this.
Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 12.02.27

It seems to work ok if I use a treble clef symbol from the symbols palette but I can´t get it to start right at the beginning. I am only able to insert it where it is currently located and not at the beginning of the bar. How can I have it so that the treble clef starts the bar?

It works if I create an empty bar in the beginning like this

but I don’t need an empty bar in the beginning of the score. I only need the treble clef for that one bar and then the rest is all in the bass clef. How can I set this up please?


Select the Treble Clef and click on the Bass Clef at the beginning. The Bass Clef is going to be replaced by the Bass one.

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When I tried clicking the Bass clef initially with a longer pre-existing event the editor always put the clef change in after 4 bars. When I tried it with a new event that was just 4 measures it worked. So if feasible, create a fresh short event, change the clef, then lengthen as need.


Not sure if there is some logic behind this behavior or if it’s a bug, but it was pretty consistent.