How to Amalgamate music from different files into one complete master score?


I have been working on a seven movement project over the last few years that I now want to amalgamate into one complete MASTER score as I need to extract music to form a booklets for each of my players.

I am probably thinking I would need to bring them into different flows. This features I have never needed or wanted to use over the course of creating this project, but possibly aproaching my time now to do so.

Does any one if this might be possible and if so, how the formatting might behave if I did this? Is there is a tutorial I could watch about this?

Thank you again,

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File—Import flows. You’ll lose your formatting.

And you may end up with some duplicated Players/instruments as you import flows.

Hmm, not worth it. Thank you both Dan and Derek for the warning and saving me time!

I know I don’t know the particulars of your project, but unless you have a ton of work invested in manual formatting, I’d do it.

I recently completed a 12-movement work, which was the first time I had really used the flows feature. It was amazing. You might find the extra time spent is worth it in the end. YMMV, of course.

What I usually do, if I am not sure of implementing a new Dorico procedure, is to make a copy of the original file and then import a flow (the one I think will give me the most problems) to see for myself what, if any, clean-up I’d have to do.