How to animate a plugin?

Hey everyone,

Did i miss something, or is there really no way to create a constantly waw-ing sound modifier using Cubases stock plugins?

I’m talking Cubase 10.5 and it’s Filter section of plugins. None of them has a built in LFO. What if i want a knob to just bounce within a certain range? What if i want a leslie effect — just the panorama slider back and forth? The answer so far is lay down an automation track — and use your best tool skills to render that bouncing in your desired rate and range.

Sorry to be a douche, but is there no elegant way? In the 21st year of the 21st century?

Oh, but there is — a perfectly designed MIDI LFO plugin, with just the right set of parameters for me. Now all i need to do is create a dedicated midi track and open the Insert pane.

Of the mentioned plugins only the Wahwah spawns a midi instrument instance, which i can feed that midi plugin into.

What else can i do? (except getting third party stuff — i know that) There is a thing called Quick Control, and you can assign any plugin’s knob onto it. How do i get a midi plugin’s output to control one of these QC slots?

What else did i miss? I clearly missed something, this cannot be that such a simple task would require so much effort by now.

Thank you


Use AutoPan plug-in, please.

Damn, i completely missed this entire section! Thanks a lot mate.