How to append several xml files into a series of flows?

In another - old - tread Daniel says there will be dealt with appending xml-files into a multi-flow project and splitting multi-flow projects into separate xml-files.

Until these features are added, what is the best way to import a series of music-xml files into Dorico as a single project where each xml is turned into a flow in the project?

I’m afraid probably the only way to do it is via copy and paste at the moment, i.e. import each MusicXML file into its own separate project, then create appropriate flows in your master project file, and copy and paste the music from each of the other projects into the master.

Is this still accurate? Has it been improved?

Yes, you can now easily import MusicXML files into the current project as separate flows: open the project into which you want to import the MusicXML file, then use File > Import > MusicXML.

Thanks! Excellent news!