How to apply a VST effect to individual parts of a track?

So, I’ve got a track that uses a VST gate effect (Gatekeeper), but I want the preset of the effect to change throughout the song and as far as I’m aware, I can’t do that through automation.

I have Cubase 6 LE. In newer or pro versions of cubase, I’ve seen that you can right click the individual midi parts to add vst effects to only that part. Presumably I can’t, so what’s the best way to go about it? Because making separate tracks to add the same VST over and over is really impractical and seems to cause issues.

Hopefully I’ve explained that well though!

Hi and welcome,

Why you cannot control it via automation? I can’t see a reason, why not.

You can apply a Direct Offline Processes to the Audio events, but not to the MIDI Events (of Instrument Track). If you want to do so, you have to Render in Place the Instrument Track first, to create an Audio Track out of it.

But I would go for the automation.

Quite certainly you can ´t in LE 6

Gatekeeper seems to be an audio VST Fx? If so: in no Cubase version can you apply Audio FX to MIDI tracks - as Martin mentioned already.

Definitely not to the MIDI Part.

I can control the Gatekeeper vst via automation, but only on or off etc. I can’t change presets via automation, I don’t think.

Perhaps what I saw was the individual midi parts had been recorded as audio and then had the vst effect applied.

I am trying to run omnisphere with gatekeeper but I am having to load multiple instances of omnisphere for each gate preset, so I’m sure there must be a better way around it.

I made a separate thread but it was disapproved, I asked if there was a way to apply a vst effect to a midi track without effecting all of the other midi tracks that use the same VST instrument.

Thanks for the help


I would be really wondering, if there wouldn’t be any automation in Cubase LE at all.

Yes, you are right, you can’t automate preset change.

Yes, this is what I described. Use Render In Place to make an Audi out of the Instrument Track. It’s Renee in Place part of Cubase LE? If not, then you have to export unfortunately, which will take same time.

Another option would be to use multiple Plug-in instances and automate Bypass. Or use multiple Instrument tracks.