How to apply event envelopes to multiple events simultaneously?

When I adjust audio tracks for (UHD) Blu-ray authoring, I like to work with envelopes. However, there is one thing that bothers me: you can’t edit the envelopes of multiple events at the same time.
I have already grouped events or linked the tracks on which they are located… But that doesn’t affect the event envelopes. Am I missing something? :man_shrugging:


I’m afraid this is not possible. What about to use the VCA fader instead?

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To the OP: If your “envelopes” are just straight Event gain-settings you can simply type in the value for all selected Events and enter it while holding the respective modifier key, or you use Alt/Option+mouse for a momentary fader that keeps all selected Event gains in relation.


Thanks for the tip, Dietz. I am familiar with this method and use it regularly. (And to be honest, I would never use the envelopes for this task. It would take me way too long. :wink:) When I use envelopes, they are usually “complicated” curves.

Yes, I had guessed that.
VCA would theoretically be an alternative, but then only in conjunction with automation.
It would be faster if you could apply the envelopes to several events at the same time. Besides: I like the direct visual feedback. :grinning:
Therefore I put the wish on the list. Maybe I’ll get this function from Steinberg as an Easter present. :blush:

But thank you for your suggestions.

Horses for courses. :slight_smile: I use this all the time for pre-insert levelling, esp. of vocal recordings.

In Blu-ray projects we usually have to deal with 6 (5.1), 8 (7.1) or 16 (CBI Atmos) individual files. Each between 38 (series) and 120 (film) minutes long
I have occasionally thought about using envelopes to adjust the volume. Because the blue line gives such a nice feedback. You can see right away that the volume has been changed. But then I always use the field in the info line. :slightly_smiling_face:

But right now we are working on a project where the Blu-ray disc uses seamless branching. The transitions between the segments have to be adjusted so that the sound doesn’t pop at this point. Envelopes are ideal for this. And since in such cases I have to draw one and the same envelope on up to 16 audio tracks, it would be really terrific if one could simplify this process.