How to assign a controller change expression to a glissando?

Hello everyone,

I would like to assign a controller change expression to glissandi and portamenti, so the playback changes the instrument to a special gliss/port. string sample I’ve loaded in when I input a gliss/port. Is this possible and how do you do it?

I’ve already assigned a controller change to “Glissando Up”, “Down” and “Portamento Up” and “Down” in my expression map. However, the normal gliss. ornamentation doesn’t assign any of these expressions to the note.

Is the only workaround to create a custom expression to assign when I want the controller change, and notating the gliss. but suppressing its playback?

Kind regards,

Glissando and portamento lines don’t trigger a specific playback technique, so you will need to add an extra playing technique item at the position of the glissando, mapped to the appropriate switch in your expression map.