How to assign a Generic remote midi controller to "midi learn" in a VST

I have set up a Korg nanokontrol 2 as a midi controller within Cubase 11. I have set up the device in CC-mode and mapped out custom commands for the different faders and buttons with the “Generic Remote” function. So far, so good!

With the Nanokontroll 2, you have 8 knobs. I want to map these knobs to different parameters within a VST (For example Omnisphere, Diva or other). For example:

  • In a VST you have the function “Cutoff”. I want to “midi learn” this function to the Knob 1 at the nanokontroll 2. However, the VST / Cubase does not recognize this as a value, so it is not registered. I do see activity in the “Midi in activity” section in Cubase so I really don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

I have also reconfigured these knobs with the Korg software to be CC105 - 112 so I don’t have any CC duplicates or issues.

I have also tried to set up the “Knob 1” in the Generic Remote with the correct address (105), but can’t find any device | channel/category selections to make this wish possible.

Anyone got some good tips?

PS! I have also tried to set up the nanokontroll 2 in Cubase mode, but then the Knobs are used to pan channel 1-8

Is the track listening to “All Midi In”?
Is the midi port used by nanokontrol configured to be in “All MIDI In” in the Midi port setup in Cubase?

Either the track must explicitly listen to the port used by nanokontrol, or the track listens to “All Midi In” and the port is configured to be in that group. If not, the messaged will not reach the track/VST.

There are different levels of complexity for the different approaches you can take (click on arrows to reveal details):

Midi Learn (easiest)

To use your controller in the midi learn of a VSTi, keep your controller in the “All Midi Inputs” as @GuruGurra suggested.

And do not map those knobs and buttons you are using for midi learn in the Generic Remote, but you can still map the other one’s using the Generic Remote.

Quick Controls (more confusing to learn at first, but more powerful)

This mechanism is different from the typical midi learn, because by default it uses VST automation. (One could probably also use midi learn, but I’ve never used Quick Controls that way).

Connect your controller to one or both of the 2 Quick Controls
mechanisms that Cubase offers:
* Connecting Track Quick Controls with Remote Controllers
* Connecting VST Quick Controls with Remote Controllers

And do not map those knobs and buttons you are using in the Quick Controls in the Generic Remote, but you can still map the other one’s using the Generic Remote.

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Suddenly my Native Instruments keyboard also received midi input, but the VST did not receive any input. I loaded up my old Cubase 10.5, and there the keyboard worked.

I loaded up C11, went into preferences and MIDI-filter. I must have clicked the one channel filter by an error. When I clicked the defaults button, the Native Instruments worked, and the Korg nanokontrol2 worked like a charm!

Anyway, thank you for your time and suggestions :slight_smile:

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