How to assign different VST instruments to different parts of the SAME track?

In MIDI tracks I can easily assign different instruments to different parts of the same MIDI track. Cubase sends message to my synthesizer and it switches instruments.

Can I do the same with VST instruments? I.e. to assign DIFFERENT VST instruments to DIFFERENT parts of the SAME track?


Of course.

You can assign different parts on the same track to different PROGRAMS (or patches). So, for example, if you are using a multi-timbral instruement, such as, a Halion/Sonic/SE, you could load the required programs (i.e. the different “instruments”) into different slots and then have the parts send MIDI on the required MIDI channel. If your VST Instrument is not multi-timbral, You could use program changes in the MIDI track to change the loaded program to the required one.

Just use more midi tracks, much easier to find your way around a project later on.