How to assign individual sounds to single notes in a multi percussion setup in grid mode?

I need to create custom multiinstrument perc. setups and want to have played back the notes on the different lines with different sounds. Which steps do I have to do in order to achieve that. I already succeeded in creating a multiinstrument in grid mode (not sure if the term is right here…), but I didn’t succeed in adjusting the sound mapping of the single lines. Any help warmly welcome …

Can you cut down your Dorico file to a large enough portion (perhaps just a measure or two) and attach the sample Dorico file here so knowledgeable folks can see the specifics of what you have done and check out the various screens and panels involved?

Hi !
What happens if you apply your playback template once the instruments have been set up? If your vsti has the percussion instruments you’re using, there’s not much more to do to get the sounds!

The upper stave shows the imported Midifile containing 2 different “wooden” sounds. I managed to create two new claves staves and have them displayed together in grit mode. Then I assigned two different playback instruments, one is the note performer, the other one is the standard Halion player. In Halion player the only way to get the desired sound was to choose a program containing the desired sound and then to shift the pitch of the player a mayor 7th (11 semitones) down, so the default playback note play the desired sound. I couldn’t find out how to otherwise mak the second claves stave playback a different pitch than C3.

with note performer the stave immediately got connected with the claves-sound. In Halion I had to compensate the wrong pitch by transposing the program so the C3 plays back the sound I need.
I’m quite sure there must be a better /straight forward way to achieve the same result. But how??

When I created the new clave stave and chose note performer it looks like this:

Channel 6 displays claves
With Halion I had to choose a program. The one I chose is "Latin Percussion. When I hit the keys on the virtual keyboard of the Halion player I get all kinds of different sounds.

On channel 7 you see just claves 2 and a “Default” expression map; no percussion map selected (there is no suitable map available anyway) .

I still have not been able to understand the functional structure behind. My favourite approach would be to first create the instrument I want to use, then assigning a player and a pitch for the note that shall be triggered. Then I would like to group the desired staves containing the different instruments and sounds together, so it’s clear, that one single player will play all of them.
Can anyone help me to understand how it works in Dorico?

I will try to explain how Dorico is designed. You start creating players that hold instruments. Provided those instruments do exist in HSSE+HSO (if you have a Dorico pro license), each instrument slot will be filled automatically thanks to the default playback template.
Things get complicated when
• the instrument does not exist in the vsti
• you use different vstis, overriding the playback template.
I have the feeling there’s only one clave sound, both in HSSE+HSO, and in Note Performer.
And NotePerformer has a very specific way of working, because it cannot be manually set up. It’s compulsory to use the playback template if you want to work with it.
If you want to have one vsti that will play both claves, either choose another instrument (probably not free, but you could explore Pianobook or Labs), or use HSSE twice (same sound, so it’s up to you to edit that sound in one channel so that it’s pitched differently). I don’t think NotePerformer will give you satisfaction on these sounds (although there are different options manually available in the NP mixer).
For instance, I invested in Spitfire Percussion (Joby Burguess) and I then have different clave sounds available. But honestly, it’s quite a heavy investment, which I would not recommend, especially if it will only fill this one need.