How to assign instrument, articulation in playback?

How can I assign legato, staccato, pizzicato, forte, piano and so on to an instrument?
Is there a lookuptable to see port and midichannel and velocity?
Is there a lookuptable to see how much attack is used for mp, f, ff, fff, … on the midichannel?

I want to use Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 to control a BIG setup using Dorico.

For that it’s also important to be able to use extra samples for strings e. g. if you pull the bow or push it. And for tremolos and so on.

A good possibility to manage that kind of things is a lookuptable/decision-matrix, because some libraries use multilayer sounds and velocity-switch/mod-wheel and other libraries use extra samples/extra instruments for that kind of articulation.

An editable matrix would be suitable to connect every articulation with a velocity-range, midi-port and midi-channel.

Then you can create some templates for the assumed library. No matter if it is VSL, Garritan, EastWest Hollywood, Sonic Implants or anything else.

The short answer is ‘not just yet’. Work is currently ongoing to add support for Expression Maps (Dorico xmaps are based on Cubase’s though they will be more oriented towards Dorico’s playback model). The road to really get the full benefit of something like VE-Pro is going to be a long one, but that’s the direction we want to move in.

I’d like to push the possibilities a bit further in this concept.

As playback of a composition is no live-recording, the playback could be precompiled out of “macros” shrinked together to the best choice of samples.

Let me explain:
Some libraries have “macros” with live played instruments, which sound better than two single notes for intervals like SAM Horns (min3, maj3, …). But it also can be complexer as in Native Instrument’s “Action Strings”, where complete patterns/phrases are available e.g. for two or four bars.

For this every pattern/phrase of notes could be registrated in a database as a “macro”. If this macro is detected in a composition, the single notes from Dorico will be exchanged against the macro containing (midi-port, midi-channel and velocity) of the VE Pro midi-port, midi-channel and scale in e.g. “Action Strings”.

As this task is a more complex job it could be compiled out of a database, which has every assignment between note-pattern and instrument. Then a short pattern normally played with hollywood-strings note by note will be exchanged into one trigger of the “Action Strings”-phrase.

Result will be the best possible articulation in ones sample-setup.

But this fundament has to be created in the beginning of a playback-architecture to relay on.

May be, that it’s possible to compile midi-files/xml-music with a database corresponding to the above concept and use it with VE Pro. But it would be more convenient, if Dorico could handle all this.