How to assign Midi CC# for a new Cubase 12 feature - MIDI Remote?

Hey guys!

I have a Korg nanoKONTROL 2 midi controller, I used to and still am using it for midi cc controls in cubase (modulation, sustain, dynamics, expression and so on) but with a new Cubase 12 feature called “Midi Remote” I can’t select the same faders for any cc commands. It’s either I get a possibility to use my controller without MIDI Remote feature to only control the midi CC or I get the MIDI Remote feature for “play, stop, forward, record” and so on, but without a possibility to use it for midi cc controls. Is there a way around this? In another post I’ve found that I can use quick control feature on every track to assign it’s quick control option to for example midi cc 64 (sustain) and then assign it to a particular knob in a new featured “MIDI Remote”, BUT… I work on a template with 800+ tracks and I didn’t find a way how to apply the same quick control setting for all of the tracks together (because I don’t want to go trough all the 800+ tracks one by one setting up quick control settings…I was thrilled to realize that I might be able to change quick control setting not on every individual track, but on group tracks as well (as all my template 800 tracks are assigned to only 8 different intrument types group channels), but unfortunatelly Cubase doesn’t give the same quick control setting possibilities for group tracks as for single solo midi or audio tracks.

HELP!!! :slight_smile:

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Midi controllers like the nanokontrol send midi cc messages on their own. It doesn’t depend on anything in Cubase to do so.

As long as “In ‘All MIDI Inputs’” is checked in the Studio Setup, it will send the assigned MIDI CC (as defined in the Korg Kontrol Editor) to the selected track’s VST.

Does that make sense?

I think the question is essentially how to assign a MIDI controller fader to a MIDI CC. For example, I want my fader to control CC1 (modulation). It isn’t clear to me how to do this using the new Cubase 12 MIDI remote functionality.

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I get your problem, initially, I had the same. My setup consists of a Nanokontrol 2 an a DIY fader-controller for expression, dynamics, etc. (i.e. “normal CCs”). The trick with this new MidiRemote system is to leave out the controls, that should still send normal CC, when configuring the new surface (either via the graphical editor in CB12 or directly via Javascript. There are a few more possibilities using the API directly, that cannot be accessed from within CB yet).

So if you want to use the transport buttons on the NanoKontrol, but need some of the faders to send CC, you make a new surface (like shown in Steinberg’s tutorial) leave out the faders for CC, and then map all the other Buttons and Knobs using the Mapping Editor. I have put together a quick script, to show what I mean and to give you a point of reference (of course my Nanocontrol’s CCs will be different from yours, so You might have to change it a little).
Unfortunately the premade NanoKontrol script from Korg (with all the beautiful layout and labeling via the API) can not be changed so you have to make one yourself. (5.4 KB)