How to assign MIDI controller knobs to VST plugins

Hi folks,
I am having a heck of a time trying to figure this out. I have a Kontrol-25 keyboard with 8 V-pots. My goal is to open a VST plug-in (like Fabfilter Pro-C2 for example), and then assign threshold, ratio, attack, and release to the first four knobs.

I want to be able to open any instance of that plugin and when the focus is on that plugin be able to control those four parameters with the pots.

I’d like to then be able to do the same thing with my other plugins so they are all pre-mapped and ready to be controlled when I open them.

My understanding is that this is something that can be done in Cubase-correct?

OK, so if it can indeed be done, can anyone please help me with that. I have figured out how to create a generic device, and also figured out how to assign the v-pots to control both track quick controls and VST instrument quick controls.

What I don’t understand is how to assign the V-pots to control pots 1-8 on the “Remote Control Editor” for the VST plugin themselves. How do I do that? Thank you! To be clear, I do NOT want to use Quick Controls to do this…Thanks!