How to assign only one instance of Groove Agent SE 5 for a Drum kits?

Cubase PRO 10.5
Groove Agent SE 5
How can I create only one instance of GA SE 5 for my Drum tracks (Instrument Tracks) and use it for all my Drum kit sound, for example, using the same instance of GA for Kick, Snare, HiHat, etc…?
instead of creating several instance of GA.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

I would set GA5 SE as an Instrument rack (Studio>VST Instruments, ‘Rack’ panel), with eventually several outputs activated, just in case you need to process them differently (I think this will only work with ‘Beat Agent SE’ kits, though…).

Then I would create as many MIDI tracks as kit instrument needed and :

  • set the Input Routing of each one to your pad/keyboard controller.
  • set the Output Routing of each one to Groove Agent SE - Main.

Once done, all is about a convenient MIDI trigger note mapping…

Thanks for your reply.

That was helpful even though I had to copy/paste each Drum kit data from my Instrument Tracks to Midi Tracks.
It takes more time but it’s worth it since in the end I use only one instance of GA for all DR kits and it saves me more on CPU processing.