How to assign same Insert across multi-channels Track View

I have 90 Audio tracks that I’ve already sub-bussed into groups. Now I’m in track view with my INSERT row expanded and all the tracks I’d like to insert Console1 on and can’t find a way to do it.

I know I can edit the channel group settings for each sub-group I’ve created and check the Insert option, apply the setting and then perform my insert to affect all channels within the group then go back into the settings, deselect the option and re-apply the changed setting. But that is too tedious to perform for every sub-group

I thought I saw a YouTube vid where the guy did something that was really cool to accomplish this and I think it was like taking the insert and dragging it across all the channels to apply the insert across the entire spectrum of channels but he may have been using Pro Tools, Logic or something. Doesn’t work for Cubase that I can tell.

So how can I apply the same insert across all my selected channels in Cubase without having to edit the group settings?

The option is clearly there for doing this with Sends by selecting all the channels and off the context menu you have the option to Add FX to Selected Channels… But what about Inserts?

I searched for an answer to this and found 1 solution but it was referencing a much earlier version of Cubase and it didn’t work for me.

In the Mixer, select all the tracks you want the insert on, click Q-link and add the insert to any of the selected tracks. The insert will be added to all selected tracks (and a bunch of insert windows will open - one for each track). As long as Q-link is selected, any change to one insert will be replicated to all of them.

Perfect!!! Thanks guca02
I’d been trying to figure that one for days :slight_smile: