How to assign Stereo Out to a midi fader

Setup: CubasePro 8.5 x64, Akai MPK25 (USB) and Behringer BCF-2000 (MIDI) through UR44.
I have these two midi devices working using the BCF-2000 as a straight midi input through my UR44.
The Akai MPK25 is via USB.

I have not yet been able to figure out how to assign the Stereo Out and Stereo Out 2 channels to the Faders on the BCF-2000.

I managed to get a configuration in the MPK25 to use two of the turning knobs (K23 and K24, I.e on Control Bank B) by assigning them to Mixer|Stereo Out and Stereo Out2 | Volume. However, what I would really like to do is get them assigned to the BCF-2000 faders.

(I have realised that the BCF-2000 needs channels in multiples of 8, i.e. first 8 channels map directly to first bank of faders. And I can control the next 8 channels using the bank selector. If I add any channels then the BCF-2000 simply adapts to this. But I can never get it to even ‘see’ the Output channels).

It seems to me that the Output channels are triggered by different Midi channels, commands or whatever, can anyone tell me what they might be please?



So finally I realised this isn’t such an important requirement as the Output volume on my UR44 serves equally well meaning Stereo Out is only occasionally used. I can confirm as I stated above that I can assign Stereo Out to one of the Akai controls but the issue with the BCF-2000 is the limited set of control assignments that are defined in the Mackie Control. I didn’t bother trying to play around to add direct assignments for Stereo Out. I strongly suspect it can be done but I have lost heart on this now, its time to get back to my guitar. I am sure one day I will hack around again and find the actual assignment xml for the Mackie Control…

During all this however I learned that it is equally useful to use BCF-2000 configured as a Baby HUI which seems less complicated than the Mackie Control although it doesn’t give a clear indication of the currently selected channel. However I will try it for a while.

Thanks to anyone who looked at this question and started

You can create a midi track and link it to any track/channel you like