How to assign the output signal of an instrument to the reverb channel in Dorico 4

The new mixer in Dorico 4 doesn’t show ‘sends’ as it did in v.3.5. How do you assign the output of an instrument to the reverb channel now please?

In play mode, select an fx in insert fx for the channel, and activate the fx.

Thanks for your quick response Buer. Your solution will put an effect on the instrument channel track but what I want is to put a n external reverb effect (Valhalla, in my case) on the reverb track and then route the output of my piano VST and any other VSTs to the reverb channel. You could do it in v.3.5 because there was a ‘sends’ tab available on each each Am I missing something or probably being stupid!

Solved. For some reason the reverb vst wasn’t receiving the send although it was loaded onto the reverb channel and abled. I Unloaded and then reloaded the reverb vst and all is working again. Strange but works now. Thanks for your help.

I just experienced the same problem, and couldn’t find a fix. I’ll try the unload/load procedure…

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here?

Yes, as you may have noticed, the send is enabled by default in the new mixer. Glad you fixed it! :slight_smile:

What are you trying to do?

I expected that when I raised the level of the slot labeled “FX” on an instrument channel, that audio signal would be sent to the “Reverb” channel…

We’re all to varying degrees familiar with this kind of thing, but just to articulate how I’m expecting this to work: In a standard mix scenario, each channel has 1 or more fx “send” slots and routes a copy of that channel’s audio to an “auxiliary bus” where an effect is inserted. In the D4 mixer I’m assuming the “Reverb” channel is actually an aux bus that is fed from each mixer channel’s “FX” send slot (under the “EQ”) slot.

Typically the effect inserted on this “Reverb” channel is set to 100% wet (i.e., no dry signal is returned on that channel, only the effected audio). So the amount of effect is controlled by a combination of each channel’s “send” level, and the fader level on that FX channel.

I couldn’t get any audio to feed to the Reverb channel. It sounded like you might have got it working?

Back to a failure again this evening. I’ve started a new project, loaded a vst reverb (Valhalla) on to the reverb channel and sent the channel FX on my tracks (which I believe are automatically routed as a ‘send’ to that reverb channel) All the FX send signals are 100% fully maxed at 6.02 but no signal shows on the reverb channel meter at all. I’ve also checked that my Valhalla verb is an allowed 64 bit VST plug-in which it is. Scratching my head but I will persevere. Sorry to hear that Falhousen is experiencing the same, but glad it’s not just me!

I’m having the exact same problem…

steps to reproduce:

  1. With the default HSSE Playback template, start a new empty project and add a single player/instrument. (e.g. Flute)
  2. Open the MIXER. The default routing shows SEND from Flute going to the FX/Reverb channel.
  3. Add KONTAKT (or ARIA Player) to the VST rack and route a second instrument (e.g. Flute 2) to that VST. Remember to activate FX Send for this channel in the MIXER.
  4. No signal is going from Flute 2 to the FX/Reverb channel…

This problem was reported a couple of weeks ago here:

It will be fixed in the forthcoming maintenance update, expected in a few days’ time.