How to assign the triggerpads to keyswitch keys?

Some xxl programmed sounds in HALion4 have used(are programmed) the triggerpads to choose the (main)articulations of that sound.
When you push on the triggerpads you see that the keyboard (keyswitch)key is pressed and sound is assigned.
I do have also symphonic Vst and it seesm to me handy to program the articulations also under the triggerpads.
I did not have found a way how to do that…has someone succeed in this to program a triggerpad to a keyswitched key?

I can only guess. But as soon you’ve made your keyswitches,
you should be able to assign the same keys to the trigger pad module
(right click on the pad and assign a note).

Try out some sounds … standard or xxl sounds
When you see the xxl triggerpad use…it presses the key down ( a visual feedback) , this i cannot get when i assign a own triggerpad

Just had a look at it. It’s easy. Right click the pad,
click on snapshot chord, just press the one button where
your keyswitch is located and press the trigger pad again to
save it. That’s all.

I found out by right clicking the pad of a xxl kit. There were only
chords clearable. So it had to be chords.

Hope this helps.

Nice job… i was thinking on a trigger note… but it must be a chord for one key ?

Yessir. :slight_smile:

I guess you also need a keyswitch remote in the chain
after the trigger pads. I’ll have a look at it again as soon as
I have some time.

Hey man.

I build this option into one of my kits today and it works.

There’s one more thing you have to do:

When you have set up your keyswitches via the MegaTrig, you simply have to put a Keyswitch Remote in front of them and select “remap” instead of “keyswitch” in there. The keyswitches you’ve created with the megatrig should already be listed in the keyswitch remote. Now you’re able to put your keyswitches simultaniously to the others on some other keys. Simply click on the up/down-arrows above/below the notes or double-click them and enter your notes with the keyboard. The original keyswitches remain yellow on the virtual HALion-keys. The remapped ones are indicated red. When you’ve done this, put your trigger pad module in front of the keyswitch remote and assign the prime chords to the notes your remapped keyswitches are located. Now they will switch to the sound you assigned them to, once you push them.

I hope the description isn’t too complicated. Once you’ve understood it, it’s a piece of cake.

Best regards.

Thanks !
I gave it a quick look already yesterday and remapping seems to be necessary.
Its a little puzzle your description, but i think it has no hidden suprizes , because it is related to the program tree and that is easy working
I will try it out