How to assign the wah wah in VST Amp Rack to CC11?

I can´t seem to find out how to assign the wah to my expression pedal in VST Amp Rack. I am able to successfully assign a separate/single wah wah plug in C6 to my expression-pedal using a separate miditrack with the wah wah-plug as a midi insert but no luck with the one inside VST Amp Rack since this doesn´t have the same midi-CC option as the dedicated wah wah plug.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have your expression pedal routed to one of the Quick Controls slots (in the Device Setup menu)?
Once you have that, follow the instructions on page 338 of the Operation Manual. (click on the MIDI Learn button in the Quick Controls panel of the track’s Insprector, select the slot to which the expression pedal is connected, then move the “virtual” pedal on the VST Amp Rack with the mouse, then deactivate the MIDI Learn button)

Thanks a lot! That did the trick! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this, I will be attempting the same thing soon when I buy an expression pedal. Meanwhile, I was wondering about using the slider on either my CMC-TP or CMC-CH to do it (using my finger instead of the mouse to work the sweep to record wah automation).

Would I follow the same steps to assign one of those sliders to the VST Amprack wah? Will the CMC sliders utilize MIDI LEARN?

Thanks in advance.