How to assign VST midi channels to spearate audio channels?

I have Omnisphere 2 working under Cubase Pro 8. I have one instance of omnisphere running midi channels 1 and 2 but it seems that Cubase only assigns one audio track “Omnisphere A” for both midi channels. This means that if I try to EQ the 1st midi track sound under Cubase, it also alters the EQ of the second midi track.

I know this is a rookie question but is there a possibility to assign one instance of omnisphere 2 (or any other VST instrument that supports multiple midi channels) to separate audio tracks per each midi channel? Or is it only possible by having several vst instances open?

Highlight thee instrument track and click on the activate outputs button in the inspector and see if you have additional outs available. It’s next to where you can get the instrument selection drop down menu and is a small box with an arrow pointing out of it’s right hand side.

I don’t know Omnisphere but you’ll probably also need to assign the sounds to the new outs from within the plug.

Yes, that was it! Thank you so much Grim for pointing me to the right way :slight_smile:

It seems that Cubase offers an option to enable multiple outputs in the instrument (VST) window. Then it was just a matter of connecting the midi channels to the audio channels within Omnisphere’s mixer.