How To: Audio warp and pitch shift

I need to do a mash up of 2 songs
they are 1 half step apart in pitch
and one is 10-20 bpm different than the Half speed tempo of the other.
I can get them close to the same tempo, but I need to manually adjust since one or the other seem to
vari just a bit in tempo over the length of the songs. I am assuming I need to manually adjust the definition tabs (or should I be doing this with warp tabs ??)

If I try to use the Elastic algorithm I can change time, but my vari-audio pitch change gets negated because N6 switches back to Standard-solo algorithm. Which algorithm setting is the best choice?

What is the best way to do this?
Fix the Time first and then pitch later ?
or the reverse ?

I also have never done warping of this complexity, if I manually change the definition tabs, should I be changing the ‘bar’ position or the ‘beat’ position or both. I am not sure what the final tempo will be yet, this project is for a dancer’s recital.

Any info, tips, tricks, video tutorials would be great!!!