how to audition single voice

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I need to audition only one voice at once in my four voice piano part. How to do this?

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There’s no way to audition just a single voice from within one instrument. You’d have to select the whole staff, deselect the voice you want to hear, then use the ‘Suppress playback’ property to make all of the other notes silent.

If, on the other hand, you have multiple instruments and you only want to hear one instrument during playback, select a few notes in that staff, then hit P: Dorico will play back from the start of the selection, with only the chosen instrument.

Thanks Daniel, more than once I play single instruments in the way you suggest me, very powerful.
Anyway, what do you think about implementing the single voice playing by selecting it in the play panel as in the screenshot I attach? I think that could be useful not only for displaying single voice notes but also for single audition in an easy one step solution.
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single voice selection.png

I’m not quite sure whether you mean during playback or just when selecting/editing, but if the latter, then is this option of use?

auditioning single voice (in 2+2 polyphonic voice piano staff) is more intended for better monitor the melodic line of that single voice, in a four voice piano sketch, before exploding on a four staff system

I would find this super helpful as well - auditioning individual voices and staves.


My vote also! That would be very helpful. :+1:

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