How to auto-monitor midi tracks?


How do I set Cubase 6 to auto-monitor (when record enable) for MIDI tracks.

The setting in: Preferences > VST > Auto-Monitoring = “While record enabled” only works for Audio tracks, not MIDI tracks.

I have Editing > Project & Mixer > “Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track” = ON. When the project window is active, I can monitor any record-enabled midi track without the monitor button even being on.

However, when I make any other window active (i.e. the VSTi, Score Editor, etc.), I lose monitoring of the selected track unless the monitor button is pressed. That’s why I want auto-monitoring for MIDI tracks the way it is for Audio tracks.

Anybody know? I combed through the manual and many forums first…


Has this changed is Cubase 6? It seems unlikely. If it has, sorry for butting in.

With the settings described there is no interruption to monitoring regardless of windows, focus or whatever, here. It must be something else.


I should add, is your track selection changing somehow when you switch windows?

Hi … no, no track selection change. Even just clicking away from the project window to the Control Room Mixer will do it. Hmmm.

Hmm indeed…