How to automate depth gauge in Damage


Apologizes if my question is not Cubase related, but I was guessing Cubase add a feature to do this.

In Damage, does anyone know how to automate the gauge surrounded below in red ?

Thanks a lot!

From manual - page 5

Thanks but that doesn’t say how to automate the depth.

By automating the depth **I mean **automating depth through time by writting an automation or assigning the depth to a CC (which doesn’t seem to be possible sadly).

Anyone ?

Do you mean that when you throw the instrument track into Write, you play the project, you grab the depth thingy and move it around, NO automation data whatsoever is written on the track? If that’s the case, I’m afraid there’s nothing Cubase can do about that, it’s the plug-in’s fault if a parameter is not available.

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sorry I somehow missed the “automate”

yes that would be the way

yep… sounds good, doesn’t work. :confused:

Thanks anyway !

Why don’t you drop them a message? Maybe it’s an easy fix on their side?

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