How to automate effects?

How can I make it where say a reverb gradually comes in? Or a delay comes in on a track only at the END? I can make a whole separate track and just cut a part of my track out and place it on that new track. Then add the effect to that new track. This seems clumsy. I know there are different methods, but I haven’t learned it yet.

I have seen this used for things such as EQ gradually going from all high to normal, etc.

I am mainly trying to do this with delay effects and probably reverbs.

Oh and also one big thing. I have all MIDI instruments from Halion.


Also another question. My instruments(MIDI) sometimes they play too short. even if I extend the note. Is there a way, for example,. to get a piano key on to sustian for longer? I tried playing with the sustain control on the controllers but it doesn’t make it sustain.


Simply automate the send to the FX track. Search for Cubase automation on Youtube, there are great tutorials available.

Depending on where you have the effect you can open up the track and add automation for it…
Say you have a delay as an insert on a vocal track…if you hover the pointer in the bottom left corner of the track on the project page NOT the mixer a little circle with an arrow pointing down will show (cubase 6. older versions have the little down arrow always visable) click on it to open up an automation track i think the first one is eq or whatever (im not in front of cubase at the moment) and again in the bottom left of the track that opens whatever it be you can do the same again until you see your insert…you can open up a drop down list in that first track you open in their you will see everything you want to control again eqs inserts fx select what your looking for in that to save you opening up lots of automation tracks you dont realy need…when you find your delay automation track you can draw in your desired process ie fade in,turn off/on,pan whatever it be you want it to do…you have to enable the green read automation button on the track for the automation to take place as your song plays.if you want to add automation in real time as the song plays arm the red write automation button on the the track…if you have your delay as an fx track you can do exacly the same! Go to the project page click bottom left corner of the track in question and do the same as above.
Make a new project record some parts and have a play about with it to get use and not mess up your track in question…

Hope this helps

You should also know you can carry out the same process for vst instruments in the project page too. they will open up so up can control them with automation.