How to automate midi inserts?

I need to Write/Read the Automation of the Midi Insert (Micro Tuner) in an Instrument track at certain measures.
I tried to use Write/Read while turn On/Off the Midi Insert but it did not work.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Never mind, I just sorted it out.

Hi Bruce,
I happen to have the exact same question ! Would you mind sharing your solution ?

In addition to making sure the Midi Insert is active, you need to also activate the little record button on the midi insert and then record desired section of the desired track. Depending on your midi recording preferences it may put the resulting midi data on a separate lane of the target track.

Thank you !!! Now I understand how the whole automation of inserts works !

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Hi pierrevdd,
Sorry to reply late, I just got your reply today, don’t know why I got the notification today December 25.
In my case I sorted it out by clicking on Suspend All Read/Write Automation (orange A letter), please see the screen shot:
image .

Hope that helps.

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