How to Automate Midi Transpose???

I am currently using a sampler (Kontakt) filled will Kick drums.
I am trying to change samples while my production is playing.
I am doing this to see if there are more suitable Kicks drums for my track.
I can do this by manually changing the midi transposition in the piano roll or via the info bar.
therefore, C1 becomes C#1, then D1 to D#1… Ect…

Is there a keyboard short cut to make these transpositions?
Is it possible to automate the “Transpose” on the the info-line?
It is possible to automate the transpose in the piano rolls?




There is a track type called Transpose Track, which you can use for your purpose. Check the manual for details.


Thanks for your help.

I found out last night that when I am in the key editor, If I go to the info line and keep the mouse over the midi transpositions tab, then the up and down arrows will change the value of the transposition.

It does this with no latency and it is extremely quick for changing samples on the fly.

Thanks for your help with everything.