How to automate VSTi bypass?

Can’t seem to figure this out. I’m wanting to use Cubase for live shows, and unfortunately, the programmers thought it would be awesome to not program a way to automate VSTi program/patch changes, so I have to have a different instance of my soft synth (sylenth1) for each preset I need. So, I want to be able to automate the bypass of the instances not being used at the time, so note messages only go to one midi track at a time. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

Edit: I figured out that I can automate a bypass by clicking on the GUI of sylenth1, but it’s not something that shows up in an automation track, so It’s not something easily manipulated, which will cause me trouble if I move my clip arrangement.

My bypass automation shows up in the automation lane.

Can you not use patch change when a vsti is loaded in the rack rather than an instrument channel?

Oh, WOW. See, I have never used the instrument tracks for vsti’s. I always used the midi tracks. I started out using Cubase LE, and then when I bought C5, I didn’t use the instrument tracks, and I think I had a problem with them years ago. But I can see you have TONS more of options for automation using the instrument tracks, so I’m gonna try this. Thanks.

I think the only downside is that the instrument tracks might not let you use multitimbral VSTi’s as nicely - the outputs from the instrument can’t go to separate mixer channels in Cubase like they can when the instrument is loaded up in a rack. I’ve never had the guts to use Cubase live, so I wouldn’t know - maybe not too important for live work?

I don’t have any multi-timbre instruments, so I’m not worried about it. I don’t really feel anymore scared to use Cubase live than Ableton. Ableton doesn’t have 64bit support, so it’s limited to 4 gigs of ram and Cubase has always been solid for me, with only a few fairly predictable bugs that won’t happen in live scenarios. And I know Cubase a lot better than Ableton.