How to automatically color copied events to follow the new track color?

Hello everyone. I know this feature exists but I can’t find it in the manual nor in the preferences. I would like the copied events to follow the new track color instead of the original track. Thanks!

Events and Parts on a Track by default have no color assigned to them and assume the color of whatever Track they are on. However you can explicitly set them to a specific color by selecting the Part/Event and choosing a Color from the Color Menu. Now it will always use that color (until you change it) instead of following the Track Color.

Your description sounds like you have inadvertently set those Parts & Events to have their own color set - even though it might be the same as the Track’s Color. The long term fix is to look at your workflow and figure out when you are doing this. It’s real easy to accidentally have an item selected, perhaps offscreen, when changing the Color of something else.

If you Select a Part or Event, there is an item on the Color Menu that lets you set it back to the default. So just Select all the problem items and change them to that.

Thank you, Raino.

Yes, that was exactly the problem. I had changed accidentally the color one of the events and then I copied it a couple of times.

Thank you for the detailed explanation!