How to avoid data on SSD system drive?


Is there a way to tell Cubase NOT to install absolutely anything to the C: drive? Mine works as the system drive and is an SSD with only 128GB, so I don’t want to be filling it with stuff which can as well be on the mechanical D: drive. I installed Cubase completely to the D: drive, I indicated user specified folders whenever possible. Still, Cubase puts a considerable amount of stuff into the AppData/Roaming folder and VST libraries somewhere hidden on the C: drive. If I move this stuff by hand, it won’t be found by Cubase. The C: drive is almost full I need it for other stuff, not for VST sound libraries. Any help would be highly appreciated.



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You can specifiy the install locations for the content on install. Or move them and create links in the default folder.

You can’t override the location for stuff that is supposed to go to hidden system or user folders like AppData/Roaming, the installer doesn’t give this option. Not sure if Cubase will follow links in case that it can’t find the real files, but I will give it a try. Thanks anyway.

That´s why I was referring to “content” as in librarys which, as you said, get installed on the C drive by default, but, as I said can be directed to install somwehere else.

Yes, it does - given “link” is the correct translation for what I mean. Don´t know, what it works with and what not, but you can for example link your VST3 presets folder to a drive you like, and all the library content when moving to a different location.

I wish this was true for all content, but it is not. As I recently upgraded C:\ to an SSD, I was very aware of where to have things installed, and some content just got installed somewhere without any mention, let alone a location to choose (IIRC Padshop/ Padshop Pro is one of them). It’s not such a big deal for me, having a 256 GB SSD, but it is something Steinberg should make more transparent (or at least not invisible) during install.

Well, I don’t know exactly which one you are refering to, but definitely I can specifiy the padshop content install location. Also all the other lije reverence, GAOne, HSSE. And they get installed there, and nowhere else (apart from the links I mentioned earlier). Surely some things might always be installed in the app datanroaming folder on the C: drive, but that’s usually very little data, and also standard (and necessary because of different user accounts and rights?) My C: drive is About 60 gigs IIRC and stil 6 gigs free with C5 C6 and C7 installed