How to avoid the opening of Editor??

its very annoying for my personal workflow, all the time I want to open a midi track, the Editor come out, and I haven’t flagged on the settings, but all the time become flagged again

some way to lock this? for piano roll I really prefer the original view than the editor view…


What do you mean by “open a MIDI track”?

Do you mean opens in Lower Zone vs opens in Editor Window? If yes, set it up in Preferences > Editors.

hello I mean, when I click on the midi for edit notes, to compose my melodies, chords and so on (MIDI editing) …

But all the time when I click the clip to open the Piano Roll/Midi editor, it opens the smaller one, I really prefer the traditional one

Could you send a screenshot what happens and what you would expect, please?

Martin, you gave the OP the correct answer in your 1st reply.

Hint to OP: find the word “preferences”