How to avoid Wavelab writing .mrk files?

Is there any way to avoid Wavelab writing .mrk files? I always use internal header markers, and I find myself cleaning hundreds of .mrk files of our projects too often…

If not possible now, please can be added in a future version? just an option not to write these files, or do it into the cache folder.

Thank you!

It’s not possible. I would not recommend to have this option. What is stored in file headers could be altered by another application, and what is possible to write in file headers is also limited, and many file format don’t support this anyway.

All depends on the context you use Wavelab for. I use it for small files, instruments, sound effects, thousands of them! In this particular case only standard header markers are used. Of course they will end being used in another application, just think of Halion, Kontakt, videogame , etc.

What about an option to create the .mrk files in the cache folder, just like the .gpk ones?

I"m tired of deleting mrk files every time I use Wavelab.
And I don’t understand why they keep popping up.

Its a frustrating addition to my workflow. I might quickly edit 100 or more files of sfx, then have to go thru and see if any .mrk files are there so I can delete them before delivering to our servers or to a client.

Why are these mrk files constantly being made and how can I stop it?

I will add an option to disable these files, with a warning, in next version.

Awesome. Thanks :slight_smile:

That would be great PG- thank you!