How to backup and import KEY COMMMANDS

Hi there

Please can someone guide me here?

I’m running a MAC on OS Mojave and would like to back up all my cubase settings, presets and preferences.

Can someone tell me how to do this for Key Commands please? If you could also comment on how to import saved key commands into a new version of cubase that would be great also.

Kind regards


From the Edit > Profile Manager, make a profile of your Cubase. Then loaded to the other computer and import it to Cubase.

If you just upgrade Cubase on the same system, all settings should be ported to the newly upgraded Cubase (if the upgrade is 2 major version or less).

Thanks and what if upgrading to a new computer is it possible then?

Also do you know where specifically the new commands file is kept on Mac ?



If you move to a new computer, you can use the Profile Manager, as I described. Or you can just copy the whole preferences folder (~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X) over to the new computer.