How to backup and "reinstall" MediaBay meta data?

any tips to do this smoothly?

reformatting. I have a lot of my own created samples, thousands, all with meta data added… I want to make sure that meta data returns. Obviously, keeping the samples hard-drive letter the same and directory unchanged would be essential. What MediaBay xmls do I need to back up and restore for this to go smoothly?


It seems these guys have discussed this a long time ago. I have no information that tells me the basics have changed.

Like they say in the last post - presets etc that are on your system disc needs backup. Samples etc on other discs should retain their info

Aslo mentioned all tags and custom tags are embaded into the file itself (in form of XML) so basically you dont have to do anything it will read them right away.

Good thread,

concerned about more particular variables - like if I had created custom MediaBay attribute fields