[HOW TO] Backup Hard work put into Mediabay?

I have put waaay too much time into converting over samples and having them cataloged just the way I would like in the Mediabay of Halion 4. I am paranoid now of a hard drive crash etc that could render all that work a useless waste of time. What is the EXACT and PRECISE way to backup all I have so that God forbid I am forced to format and reinstall I could be brought back to the very stage I am at now without every knowing anything went wrong in terms of my sample organization and cataloging? Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do. Have you imported samples and made them into H4 programs? If you want to backup your H4 programs, go to the mediabay and find one of the programs you made. Right click it and select Show in Explorer. That should take you to the folder that contains all of the programs you’ve made. Backup this folder to a different drive.

This will only backup the programs themselves. You’ll also have to backup any samples that the programs reference, but since these could be scattered all over your drives, you’ll have to manage them separately.

Note: I’m on a mac, so this might work slightly different on a PC. Good luck…


Thanks for the reply, I read it from the other thread too. I will backup the directory for the Halion 4 programs, as well as the samples which are located in a different directory on a different drive. Does it matter if the directory stays exactly as it was when the programs were made in Halion 4, or can I change it and still have it scan no problem?

Thanks again.

This can be checked. Try copying your preset folders to any directory and then see if you can add them to H4 media bay. Cubase 6 lets you do it through enabling these folders from the media bay file system tree, although you don’t get a chance to set any directory while saving presets from within Cubase (apart from creating and deleting folders in the predefined location). Check how H4 behaves in this respect and report back your findings :wink: .

( I just deleted my previous post as it was wrong and misleading. If you didn’t get to read it before deletion, disregard this remark).

Thanks again for the reply. I do mean move the presets folder, I mean move the folder which contains the actual samples themselves in which the presets are linked to. Can I change the folder names or will the samples no longer be found by the presets if I do this? I am assuming yes. I don’t mind having Halion 4 search for the samples as long as it is only once. A lot of times you can point Halion to the location of the samples multiple times and it will never remember it the next time you go to load them again. That I hate.