How to Backup several different "Save as..."s??

I’ve been working in a studio
I want to copy several different stages in the a Mix I am working on to my hard drive, but when I copy the different .cpr files they are not able to read from the newly located Audio folder. Morever, I don’t know why the program is unable to “Search”, “Locate”, or “Select Folder”, whatever - ANYTHING.
Not a single audio file. This I don’t get, the Audio files are in the new folder.
Of course the specific backup .cpr file which I backed up does work fine, but it can’t be that I have to “Backup Project” several times and copy all the audio again and again for each old “Save As…”, right?


Not sure exactly what you’re trying to accomplish but if I understand you correctly these are the two options:

  1. Use Save As and leave the new cpr file in the original directory.
  2. Use the Backup function which, yes, indeed copies all the audio to a new folder.