How to batch export a track in various formats?

Is there a program where I could select one .wav file and export it (all at the same time) as:

.wav 16 bit
.wav 24 bit
.mp3 320 kbs
.mp3 192 kbs
.mp3 128 kbs

I’m sick of doing this one at a time! Does wavelab do this?

The only thing I can think of is if you can’t find a software that allows it perhaps you can find a keyboard macro app and then simply “record” (or enter) all the selections you’d have to make and then hope it’d run through them all… Maybe… I don’t know…

Was thinking of using wavelab which has a batch conversion function and allows you to save profiles like: MP3 at 128 kbs stereo, WAV at 16 bit 44.1 k etc.

At least I could do a folder of files at a time. But I could only convert one format at a time. Bummer.

I need this feature because I need to export in different file formats because I’m charging different rates for them online.

I could see other places where this would be useful. Music libraries, for example, charge one price for an MP3, another for .wav and another for stems of the track.

Also, you might want a master at 24 bit, a 16 bit for a CD, a 128 mp3 for streaming off your site, a higher quality mp3 for your ipod, etc.

If there’s a large quantity of files how about importing them into one project and then batch export them one “pass” at a time to the respective formats? You could probably macrofy setting up the cycle markers too.

That’s a good idea. Kind of like what Wavelab would do but without opening a project–just select a folder and output type. But Nuendo would have other advantages like naming by markers etc.